Only 65 more shopping days until Christmas!


Okay, so I know it may be a bit soon to be talking about Christmas. After all Halloween is still over a week away. Then there’s Thanksgiving, but I digress.

The reason I am in such a festive mood today is because I have been working on our upcoming Christmas/Advent series: Christmas can still change the world.

It seems the older I get the more Christmas becomes a chore or a to do list. We are so busy shopping and buying and preparing for it, that we don’t have the time to let the story speak to us.  But, the Christmas story still has significance, it still has something to say to us today.

So, from November 29-December 24 at MCC we will enter in to the season of Advent with the conviction that Christmas can still change the world!

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  1. We too many times leave Christ out of Christmas. We get to caught up in gifts and having to be places or do things. I’m learning to enjoy the reason for the season and let everything else be 2nd place. If things get done, great, if they don’t, the world won’t stop spinning.

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