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Of This, I Am Certain: Letting Go of What We Can’t Have and Don’t Need

The voices that shaped my earliest religious memories were well intended. They passed on to me the understandings and traditions that had been handed to them by their parents and grandparents, pastors and Sunday school teachers. I say this as a preamble, a disclaimer…

Don’t Be Afraid: Refusing Fear, Choosing Love

When someone peddles in fear, when they try to manipulate you by preying upon your anxiety, you can be sure they aren’t really worried about you at all. Actually, they are trying to prop up themselves. They are seeking to shore up their own slice$ of the pie, their own security.

learning to sink

almost eleven years ago i was a twenty-three year old pastor beginning a new opportunity at mcc. at the same time, my life and faith were beginning to unravel in ways that were alarming. what i didn’t know then, and what i’m learning now,…

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