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Does God Pick Our President?

On Inauguration Day I posted an open letter to Donald Trump that, essentially, called him to be a president for all Americans and to stand for justice and equality. To my surprise, this post generated a lot of strong response. Some people (even people…

Of This, I Am Certain: Letting Go of What We Can’t Have and Don’t Need

The voices that shaped my earliest religious memories were well intended. They passed on to me the understandings and traditions that had been handed to them by their parents and grandparents, pastors and Sunday school teachers. I say this as a preamble, a disclaimer…

The Domino Effect: Why our understanding of God matters more than we know

There’s a tendency for humans to assume we have the unsoiled vantagepoint on God, and that our opinions are without bias or interpretation. Yet, we all see God through a lens, and too often that lens says more about us than it does about God.

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