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Palms, Crowds, and Crosses

Palm Sunday is about a different vision for the world, marked by justice, compassion, and peace, instead of injustice, oppression, and violence. Holy Week begins by asking us to choose which world we will live in.

God Meets Politics, part one: Render Unto Caesar

When you broach the subject of faith and politics (like I did here and here), it tends to lead to more questions about how these two realms (for lack of a better word) interact. For many people the question is should they even interact…

Palm Sunday

[Mark 11v1-11] A peasant on a donkey Enters the city. A celebration of hope for a people. Just as God saved through Moses, Perhaps a new Exodus awaits. Is he the Messiah? Confrontation and conflict on the horizon, But not this day. This day…

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