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Does God Pick Our President?

On Inauguration Day I posted an open letter to Donald Trump that, essentially, called him to be a president for all Americans and to stand for justice and equality. To my surprise, this post generated a lot of strong response. Some people (even people…

Don’t Be Afraid: Refusing Fear, Choosing Love

When someone peddles in fear, when they try to manipulate you by preying upon your anxiety, you can be sure they aren’t really worried about you at all. Actually, they are trying to prop up themselves. They are seeking to shore up their own slice$ of the pie, their own security.

Why Your Pastor Can’t Always Tell You What You Want to Hear

I have a confession to make. Usually, I don’t like to speak for other people, but for this post I am making an exception. Now, I’m not claiming to speak for all pastors/clergy/speakers. That would be ridiculous. However, I am speaking for people like…

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